Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 35 - Casa de Luna

The Anderson's are folks who've been hosting hikers for more than 15 years. They live in Green Valley, about two miles off the trail, and invite hikers to their home for camping and they serve a big taco salad every night for folks who show up here, foot sore and weary. 

In addition they maintain two water cashes along the trail and we got to experience The Oasis this morning. 


We finally arrived here about 3pm and joined the hikers sitting about in their front yard. 

Finally tiring of yacking about this and that we took off to the Manzanita Forest up in the back part of the property. They've created many small niches in their wood for tents and I found the best spot, for me. 

Later I wandered down to the local store to buy some beer and found a couple if hikers there who asked f they could follow me back to the Luna. "Of course", I said and I led Bulldog II and The Big CZ back to the Anderson's. 

Much more yacking occurred and we found out who was where on the trail.  "Have you seen the Germans? Where's Shadowfax? I heard _____ got of trail for a while..." This is a very social trail, even if one doesn't see people often, you can always tell who is where in the path. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that when you arrive you are supposed to take a Hawaiian shirt off a rack to wear while you are here. For relaxation I understand. 
Nice eh? My colors. 

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