Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 30 - North Fork Ranger Station

Today was a fairly easy day, mostly because I chose to do the road walk around the intense PDB infestation. I don't want to risk getting dosed with that stuff so I opted for safety instead of purity. 

Because of this I was able to see some things others walking the trail miss. Plus I was mostly in the open till the last four miles when I rejoined the trail. 

9am snack break. In the far distance is Mt Wilson
A huge tree to be taken down with flowers and a chared log. 
Stark and sad
Memorial for the two firefighters who were killed fighting this massive blaze. 
PDB grows even in the cracks of the asphalt road. Beastly stuff. 
Helpful path assistance. 
PCT campsites aren't always the best in terms of wilderness experiences and setting.  
Too tired to continue for much longer. Goodnight for now. 

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