Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 29 - An Announcement!

I would like it to be known that I will never, never, ever walk the miles between 398 and 419 again in this life. If I should, for some crazy reason, announce my plans to hike this section again, someone please tie me up and put me under a 72 hour hold. Really. 

Since my goal isn't to whine here I will just highlight some of the events of the day. I left the campground about 5:30 am and around 7am I saw this...
You all know what that means! Yahoo. 

After some pleasant walking I came to a big PDB section. It's hard to really show the difficulty of moving around this stuff but here are some images. 
One of the difficulties of this section is there is so much trail damage and general all around mess, due to the Station fire. In addition to the trail trouble there are hundreds of dead trees fallen down, and more than a few have fallen across the trail. What to do? Crawl over, duck under or scale the hillside above or below. Here's an example...
And what effect does this have on the cleanliness of this hiker?
So when I struggled into camp at 6pm tonight it would be a fair statement to say I was trashed. TC and DBG were here, only having arrived 45 minutes or so before myself. But, I managed 21.5 miles and only have a short day tomorrow (17.5 miles) till the next water and camp. After today that should be easy. Well, easier. 


  1. Commenting from the teardrop in tieton. Wow...alienplantlife and bad trail...I am admiring you bigtime now. Keep writing it's the best.

  2. Well done Shelly, between you and DBG a trail guide would be in order one day.
    Keep on truckin-- Dave