Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 34 - Mile 468

We were women of leisure today. Had a nice and simple breakfast at Monamie on the way out of town, with two cups of GOOD coffee. Yum. Since we only needed to go a short (relatively) way today there was lots of lingering and on my part, lolly gagging. 

We leap frogged with a woman named Blue Yonder for much of the day but she went on a few miles beyond our stopping point. Here are BY and Tidy Camper at lunch. 
And here again stepping over one of the anti-bike/motorcycle contraptions. 
The day was pretty uneventful and our total miles ended up being 14 miles. We got into camp about five and fiddled about till dusk. 

Today was the first day we've hiked without Dirty Girl as she left yesterday for a five day accupuncture training in Portland. So it's just the two of us to get into trouble. I'm sure we'll manage. 

Tomorrow it's a short day of ten miles and a stay over at Casa de Luna. This spot couldn't be more different than the Saufleys and it should be an interesting cultural experience. A full report will be forthcoming. 

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