Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 33 - Eating

I haven't done much of note today except eat. And eat. Three meals out and the last one of the day was the best. There's a little place called "Monamie" just at the end of the street and it's run by a couple with definite European food tastes and talents. Tonight I had...
a great fresh salad with lots of yummy things stashed inside. Then I had a huge plate of penne pasta with chicken in Alfredo sauce. I could only eat a third...
But the best part was the bun that came with dinner. Those who know me know I'm not much of a bread head. This, however, was not to be believed...
Hot out of the oven drizzled with olive oil and herbs and spices. I don't believe I will ever forget that bun. OMG!


  1. Best bread description ever! Love your writing love you. G says she loves you too!

  2. Holy Toledo, what a bun! xoxo Marushkie