Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 31 - To Agua Dulce

Another 19.5 mile day. All things considered it was a pretty good hiking day. After the first five miles the trail noticeably improved and the actual act of hiking was easier. Over the past few days the trail was so beat up and trashed that to have easy tread was quite a gift. Thank you trail maintainers!

Here is a bug that I counted upwards of 70 within a one hour time frame. Someone says it's a Sphinx caterpillar. Anyone out there know? This sucker was three inches long!
We also passed the "golden spike" place where the PCT was finalized and dedicated in 1995. Just a little history for ya. Though I suppose it should be herstory since the whole idea for the PCT came from a woman. 
I didn't get any close up images of the many wild flowers I walked through today but here is a hillside. See if you can spot the hikers. 
The tunnel under highway 14. Kind of spooky cause it's really dark inside!
Vasques Park with wonderful rocks!
Tonight I'm staying at Hiker Heaven. A full on report will be forthcoming soon

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