Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 15 - Whitewater Preserve

Today was a short day, only eight miles, mostly because we were trashed from yesterday but also because this place is beautiful, there is water here, shade and they let PCT hikers stay and camp for free. It closes to the public at 5pm so it will be quiet as well. 

Unfortunately we didn't get an early start because we had so much to do this morning because of our resupply boxes. By the time we pulled in last night about all we could do was eat and pick up the boxes. Sorting and packing fell to this morning. Also I was trying to figure out my solar system and I wanted to call the company I got it from.  Finally I realized today was Saturday and they weren't going to answer the phone, no matter how many times I called. Duh. So we didn't get on the trail till 9am, just in time to be climbing in the full sun. 

The first part of the morning I felt like I had lead in my pants and all I could do was walk a bit then stop, leaning on my poles and dripping sweat. I mean dripping sweat. It probably only got to 90 today but it felt like 120 and I was acting like I was dopey. Before I cause alarm I was drinking plenty of water and eating salty stuff. I was just tried I guess. Anyway after I ate some lunch I felt better and I was much stronger for the rest of the hike. 

I walked in here about 2:30pm and found my hiking buds sitting at a picinic bench eating lunch. Or maybe it was an after lunch snack. At any rate if made myself some miso soup with seaweed, just the thing for salt replacement. That wasn't enough so I cooked my dinner next and I am now lounging about. 

Because I am trying to conserve battery power for the next week or so these posts will be light on images as I'm keeping the phone off all day long. I'm sure I'll miss some beautiful stuff to share with you all but there you have it. I'll try to write everyday then post it, if I can get reception at the end of the day. If not that day then the next. 

Theoretically we will be in Big Bear in three days more. This works out to 15-16 miles a day but you can bet I'll be doing as much mileage as I can way before it gets hot. Then I'll pull off in a patch of shade, if I can find some, then begin hiking some more when it gets cooler. That's the way we roll here on the PCT!
Cowboy camping (as they call it) tonight. 

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