Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 17 - Coon Creek CG

Mile 256.5
Shelly, repeat after me. Never, never, never, ever, never leave a trailhead in Southern California without the capacity to carry eight liters of water! This doesn't mean you must carry that much but you should have the capacity. 

This abmonination is the direct result of the situation I found myself in this morning. Me with my measly four liters, plus 20 ounces, was faced with walking 15 miles today and then another 10 tomorrow on four small liters of water. Why oh why did I send those extra water containers back home? Clearly I wasn't thinking correctly way back in Idyllwild. 

So my solution to this screwup was to walk the ten miles to this campground, sitting out the heat of the day and first thing in the morning walk the six miles to Onyx Summit and call a trail angel for a ride to town. I'll meet the gals at the Motel 6 - Leaving a light on for them...
This is Tidy Camper (who isn't very tidy right about now) and Dirty Burly Girl, who is as her name suggests. This was at 11 today, right after lunch. When I got to this  campground at 2pm I was hungry again and ate my dinner. I guess I'll be having snacks at the next feeding. 

Which brings me to the topic of hiker hunger and food. Clearly I don't have quite enough calories in my food plan and I'll have to add some high calorie choices into my food bag for the next section. I've been trying to lose weight for so long I just don't think of it ahead of time. It is quite likely there will be some cheese and pepperoni in my near future!

All this food talk reminds me of a story I heard about Anish, the woman who holds the self supported speed record of the PCT, 60 days,13 hours and change. Averaging 43 miles a day for that long a time you can imagine her caloric needs. I guess at one point she was dipping her Oreos in coconut oil before she ate them. I don't feel that hungry but Oreos and milk sounds kinda good to me. 

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