Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 21 - Deep Creek Canyon

Mile 304
Burrrrrr. It was 27 degrees at 6 this morning when I rolled out of bed. I wanted to stay put but no-can-do. Gotta get the feet back on the trail. 

One of the times when I wasn't sleeping during the night I turned on my headlamp and looked at the miles needed to get to Cajon Pass. TC thought we'd need to do 17 mile days but when I looked at it this morning it appeared to be more like 19 mile days. NO! When I mentioned it at breakfast TC agreed the numbers were higher than planned for. I had enough food to go another day but they pretty much needed to be done with this section within four days. However I wasn't interested in doing another 19 mile day so soon and was planning on just parting ways for the brief time when I'd be behind them. 

That was the plan all day until we got to the first bridge in Deep Creek at 2pm, having walked 13 miles since breakfast. It was too early to hang it up for the day and this would put me way behind them so I decided to go a bit farther, 15 or so miles seemed to be about right to me. Unfortunately there were only steep canyon walls at 15 miles, and at 16... Finally at 17 miles I could see the best place to camp would be right at 19 miles.  Only 6 miles more than I was planning for the day. 

I must say I felt pretty good until the last couple of miles. Maybe I'm getting used to the workload. The only question remaining is will I do a 19 miler tomorrow as well? Right now j can't imagine it but who knows? I might feel better in the morning. 

Here is my "campsite" such as it is. Not a lot of space in this canyon. 
Here is dinner. Tom Ka Gai. Yum!
Oh, BTW...

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