Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 19 - Rest Day

I just composed a very detailed discription of the activities associated with a "rest day". However, my phone rang before I saved the content and guess what? It's all gone. Given that I'm not going to try to reproduce the missive and you will have been saved from my over-sharing. Good news for everyone. Suffice it to say I've spent more time on buses, or waiting for busses, in the last 24 hours than I would have imagined possible. 

Just a couple of images before we take off tomorrow at 6:30am. Our last bus ride. 
My Chinese fortune cookie fortune. 
I bought a new stand alone battery that will be sent to our next stop but for the next four days I'll have to be blog-lite. Keeping the phone off till the end of the day and just giving the Readers Digest version of daily activities. Thanks so much for reading along. 


  1. oh fabulous blog and amazing shelly. i echo everyone when i say how great you are doing. i would have had a 10 advil morning!!! g and i have been sick, the kind where you cough until you pee in your pants. ugghh! it has lasted so long! and miss chica is sitting on my lap watching me type with a purple cone on her head. if i could send a big balloon of hugs and snacks and love your way i would. love, love, jl ps RATTLESNAKES!!!! omg my worst nightmare!

  2. Thinking of you and your trip as we relish a day of beautiful rain. Hoping it catches you in a warm cozy place! Happy Trails! Cristie