Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 20 - Little Bear Spring

Mile 285 
Today was the first day I felt pretty dang strong all day. Yahoo for that! The originional plan was to walk 17 miles then dry camp, walking a further two miles in the morning to get to water. At some point my hiking compatriots reasoned we wouldn't have to carry so much water if we just pushed on for the additional two miles. I wasn't willing to commit to the extra mileage and wanted to wait and see how I felt at the 17 mile point. So I kept all my water. At about mile 15 we began to walk through a huge burn area with almost no trees, and the ones that still stood were burned sticks. It didn't look too inviting to sleep in such an eery place so I dug deep and made the extra two miles. So, 19 miles in ten hours, including breaks. Not too shabby for an old fart. 

Tomorrow for much of the day we'll be walking along Holcomb Creek which will keep us from having to carry too much extra water weight. Though unless we want to hike 23 miles (not me!) it'll be a dry camp tomorrow night. Suits me fine.

When I get to running water tomorrow I've gotta do something about my feet. 


  1. Old fart? Don't you know that walking forwards makes the time/gravity effects go backwards? Love your journey! Cristie

    1. That's good to know Christie. I'll hold that thought close.