Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 14 - Milestones

I started my day at 7,786' and ended it,13 hours later, at 1,608'. Today represented the largest elevation drop on the whole PCT and it took 14 miles of veeerrryyyy long switchbacks to accomplish the task. It was overcast till late afternoon which made the walking easier but still, quite a long, relentless downhill day to get to water at the faucet. 

Once down we decided to continue on another six miles, supposedly all flat, in order to get to Ziggy and The Bears place in Whitewater. I was already hurting due to the long downhill day but I valantly started out, into the hot, late afternoon sun. The first mile was asphalt and steep. Finally we got to trail tread and within a mile the sand started. If I was to tell you I was hating life right then would that convey my feelings about those last four miles? I was swearing like a sailor. Or maybe worse than a sailor if there is such a thing. We did get here but I was seriously dragging my ass the last few miles. I was very cranky. Where is the milestone part? Well it was my first 20 mile day. One which I don't wish to repeat anytime soon. 

I wasn't able to take many photos today as my solar charged battery is on the fritz and I didn't have much juice. I'm not sure what to do as I use the phone for all electronic stuff. Photos, blogging and of course, as a phone. I guess I'll try tomorrow to order a new one and have it sent ahead.

Oh yes, the final milestone of the day?

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  1. Shelly na gig--you are AMAZING!! 200! whoo hooo!
    xox marushkie