Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 13 - San Jacinto Mountains

It is a bit after 1pm and I've just lunched at the junction of the PCT and the trail coming down from San Jacinto peak. 2 Bubbies went the way of the peak and I went the official PCT route, my choice being one mile shorter and slightly less elevation gain. But only slightly. 

Our last words to each other were that we'd meet at this junction at noon. After we parted ways it became clear to me that I would never be able to hike 4.5 miles in two hours but I certainly did make the effort. As it turned out it took me three hours and I imagined them sitting about, waiting for me. But when I got here they weren't here. I don't know if they are still walking to this place or if we've missed one another. For now it's a wait and see game. One of the downsides of splitting up. 

Mile 191 - Fuller Ridge Trailhead. 
I have no idea how I thought I was going to be able to do 16 miles today. Most of the morning was climbing, mile after mile. Then after lunch (they arrived soon after I wrote the above) we tackled the Fuller Ridge Trail, five miles of traversing numerous ridges. Up, levelish, down, up, get the idea. Most of the trail was easy underfoot but sometimes I felt like I was walking on ball bearings. Part of the trail is on the north side of the mountain, with very steep dropoffs, and there was still snow in spots. Now I understand why people sometimes bypass this area. Spooky. I only sipped and fell on the snow once - no harm, no foul.  

We are dry camping tonight so five miles back I had to gather three+ liters of water to have until tomorrow when we arrive at Snow Creek where there is a water faucet. Of all things! I believe this will be 16 miles from this spot. All downhill. We originally hoped to get to Ziggy and The Bears place tomorrow night but there is no way I'm going to walk 21 miles if it isn't necessary. And it isn't necessary!
Trail Angel Stacey got us to the trailhead at 6:30am this morning. I managed to get some photos. 

12.5 long miles today. 


  1. just got caught up... i love this world you are living in and you are making it come alive with your writing. my friend shelle belle, grin, grin, wow... i wish i could say hi to stacey, have not seen her since ??? gs days? love, love, love. ps tried simon's old halter on oscar the kitty. it won't even start to go around my 20 lb. cat!!!

    1. Thanks for reading along with me J.