Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20 Hiker Heaven

This place is hard to fathom. Incredible organization, efficiency and preparedness. With amenities up the wazoo it is certainly one of the most remarkable places I've ever been. Donna Saufley and her husband Jeff open up their yard and guest trailer(s) for folks who are hiking the trail so they can R&R in style. Images to follow.

We hit the trail again tomorrow morning early. The forecast is for temps in the low 90's and sun, sun, sun. I'll be leaving here with six liters of water and four days of food. The old pack just might be a bit heavy.

My favorite shorts have been on the downward slope for the last few months and I've been looking in vain for replacement shorts for ever! Today I finally just admitted defeat and took another pair of pants apart and sewed the seat of the old pants to my even older shorts. They have a Singer sewing machine here that I made use of and I think I was successful. Big Wuss took a photo of my patch while I was wearing my shorts, how's it look?

Tonight there was a solar eclipse and one of the hikers here had a plate we could look through and not burn our retinas. Some of the images you see are of us hiker types looking at the sun. See also the animal images.


  1. Glad you saw the eclipse, and the shorts look great! I've been in Santa Fe. Do remember to have fun when you can! xoxoxo

  2. Nice glissade patch, Shelly! I don't think I've ever known anyone to put one on a pair of shorts before. My mother would have called this "a triumph of science and skill over ignorance and superstition." Very resourceful!

  3. Well, I started giggling before I even read a word… yup, you guessed it, it was the shorts shot. Count on you to keep me in stitches with your stitches.
    It still amazes me how many incredible, selfless and supportive people there are along the trail. That in itself is a marvel and you got an eclipse to boot!