Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25th Hiker Town Mile 517.5

Last night I had a dream that I left the trail, went home and got my truck then went back to the trail, somehow combining truck travel and backpacking. You know how dreams are-anything is possible in dream time. Actually that doesn't sound half bad right about now.

We just had a scrumptious meal prepared by Debby who is somehow connected to this place. Corn on the
cob, BBQ pork sandwiches, beans and salad. Oh and watermelon. I couldn't eat my whole portion so I gave my second sandwich to 12%, who ate that and all the leftovers as well. I don't know where he put it. A great meal for ten bucks.

It has looked all day like it was going to rain but so far nothing has dropped from the sky. It is however, quite cold with buffeting winds and granite grey skies. I am sitting in the truck camper I am renting for the night and it is shaking and rocking in the wind.

MG is taking off tomorrow morning very early to get a jump on those 24 miles. I simply can't manage it so I won't be joining her on tomorrows hike. When I get in this place of wanting to bail on the adventure, so far taking time off has helped. I need the blister heal some before I get back on the trail. Once I got all the dura-dirt off my foot I could see the blister is three times the size I thought it was. No wonder it hurt like the dickens. Whatever the dickens is.

It looks like Angel Stacey is wanting to join in the fray again. The plan appears to be a Sunday pick up here and delivery to Tehachapi. Once again she is helping out in a way that is most magnificent.

Many photos tonight. Some of the trail, some of the sights at Hiker Town. Janet, the puppies are for you.

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  1. Idyllwild is waking up to 32 degrees and some white stuff! Looks like a full dusting up top. Oh yes, a typical May! Actually, we've been told never to plant until after Mother's Day. Just a week late this year. So, back to Upside Down news and response. You are making a wise choice to lay off that foot - and the other foot for a few days. The only way to truly beat a blister is to stop beating it on the ground. Otherwise you will pay for it physically and mentally. Hopefully you will get to meet up with Mother Goose again somewhere on the trail. She's good people and much fun. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.