Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 23rd Mile 494

What a day. Mother Goose has a GPS which tracks feet climbed as well as miles walked. Her magic device says we climbed 6,000 feet today, along with the 15 miles walked by trail. Water was scarce and mostly via water caches, though tonights water was, well you can decide by the photograph just what kind of water source it was. Let's just say I gave it the full five minute boil when cooking my dinner with it.

And the wind. One source told me there could be winds gusts of 75 miles per hour over the next couple of days. Already tonight, since setting up my tent, the end has blown in once. That was before I built Fort Knox at the base of my tent but I fully expect to have to get up tonight and put the tent back up. With this wind I don't believe I will sleep much tonight.

The blister. It's hard to walk on a blister strategically placed on the ball of ones foot, just behind the toes. After eight miles this morning I hobbled into the Red Carpet Cache at mile 486 and promptly put down my pack and off with the shoe and up with the feet. I laid there for a while and a guy named Half Step came over asking about my one shoe-ness. After much consultation it was decided to poke an opening in the blister in order to relieve the water pressure, thus keeping the blister from spreading. It's not a surface one but deep so there is danger in opening up the skin like this but I think it was the right choice because it hurt less afterwards. Which is not to say it doesn't hurt, just less than before. I've never had a blister in that spot; I don't recommend it.

Some might wonder if I'm having fun out here. Well, at the moment no. But I fully expect that sometime soon I will have fun. It just isn't today and I'm gonna guess, probably not tomorrow.

For you Girl Scouts out there this is the song I'll be singing to myself when I go to bed tonight "and if a tree don't fall on me I'll live till I die."


  1. WOW! Climbed 6000 feet walking 15 miles. WOW. Your blister looks extremely painful. Take good care of your feet. Don't get blown away. Hope you have fun again soon.

  2. Woo Hoo! You really did some levitating in elevationing for one day! Hey, is that a dirt spot around the white part of the blister or is it also part of it? Nasty nasty nasty! Half Step really had a point (no pun, ok - pun intended)! Maybe a little half stepping might take some pressure off your foot??? Probably not. Speaking of hot, you're in it although you might get a little relief on Friday. I've been wondering how those silly winds have been treating you. Hopefully they are staying at your back! Walk on sister friend!

  3. Ouwee, ouwee,ouweeeeeee! Dang Shelly, how are you walking on that thing? Can't imagine going a mile, let alone 15. Well, no one ever would say you weren't tough but I hate to think of you walking on that thing… I sure hope it heels soon. Take care of yourself. I'm wishing you sweet dreams and a tent that stays put!