Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 22nd San Francisquito Ranger Station

Did my first ever night hike last night. I didn't mean to but we left Agua Dulce later than planned and getting to the sleeping spot required an hour of headlamp negotiation with the trail. BTW, it is harder than it seems when the trail is overgrown and ones light only hits the brush, not penetrating through to the ground. A bit dicy but I made it through easily enough. Still, it
was a bit scary when on a steep trail with an unknown drop off to one side. Yikes.

I'm spending a couple of hours at the Oasis Cache this afternoon in an attempt to wait out the heat of the day. This place is just before a dirt road going through Spunky Canyon and is maintained by Joe and Terri Anderson. In a hollowed out area in some low trees there are eight chairs, water, some sodas and beer and lots of doo-dads hanging around. The Anderson's also have a home that they open up for hikers in Green Valley. It's called Casa de Luna and it has a wild rep and appears to be a hoot and a half. Every night they host a taco salad dinner and sometimes there is a chocolate wrestling event. Not to be missed apparently but if it means I have to walk the extra two miles, I won't be going tonight. Sixteen miles
Is enough for one day.

Evening now. I struggled with the heat today, even with a three hour rest at the Oasis. By the time we dragged in here I had some classic heat related symptoms. Nausea, dizziness, tiredness, etc. Lets just say I wasn't in the mood for taco salad and a party. Too bad though as I was looking forward to seeing this famous (in certain circles) place and meeting Terri and Joe.

Today I also got my first for real blister. Too bad it is on the ball of my left foot. I get to stand on it every step I take tomorrow. Sound fun? Even with all that I had a good day and managed to hike 16 miles. Tomorrow the projected mileage is 15. The forecast is temps in the mid 80's which is way better than the 92 today. I'm such a weather wimp!

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  1. Night hiking with a head lamp sounds as scary as I imagined. It's probably just as well you couldn't see the cliff. I think of you every day while taking my walk (on a sidewalk, without a pack, in temps in the low 80's) and still marvel at this great adventure of your's. Take good care of your blister today. Have fun. Be safe.