Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26th Down Day

Funny how the urge to rest goes away when I get the opportunity to do so. Well, not exactly but I just find myself at loose ends today. Nothing to do but look around the compound and pet the (many) dogs. I've cut my bangs, swept the floor of the truck camper and taken two showers. Now what? I'd go for a walk but the wind is still blowing strong and it's cold in the wind. There are hikers in "the lounge" but I'm not feeling very social right now. I'll be glad to move along tomorrow morning.

I still haven't learned about this place and all the "sheds" that double as sleeping spots but if I can corner the caretaker I'll try to get the dirt. It certainly is interesting...

More images.


  1. Looking forward to seeing Hiker Town today! See you in a few hours my friend!

  2. maybe a little morphine drip? ouch. glad to hear you have an angel close @ hand

    1. Funny tidy camper! Thanks for reading along