Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19th "What the heck?"

This is certainly a fluid trip. Woke up this morning kind of cranky and definitely dreading the long miles of road walking in my future. I wandered over to MG and she too had been thinking of the road miles ahead. Except she's done the miles herself so it isn't an abstract idea for her. Her solution to the issue was to "somehow" bypass this area and get over to Agua Dulce where we could move ahead without the projected misery of asphalt. Hum, how can we do this? What roads could we take? Hitch-hike? Now this the kind of problem I can find a solution for. But what about my hike? Skipping this much trail certainly drops me out of any illusion I might have had of doing a "thru-hike". Well, is this OK?

Way back, before I started hiking in April, my friend Pat (who is a Shaman) offered to do a power animal retrieval session for me. Since I can use all the help I can get I was really pleased with her offer and happily agreed. The two animals I was introduced to were a rattlesnake and a small red fox, both of which pleased me to no end.

For me the rattlesnake represents protection and determination. Kind of putting ones head down and not being distracted by extraneous events, etc. I personally like snakes so this animal friend felt very comfortable to me. The small red fox represents the playful, joyous side of life. Reminding me to play, enjoy and have fun. Something that can easily go by the wayside when I am consumed by a "goal".

Maybe this idea of a pure "thru-hike" is one of those goals that needs to be adjusted. Maybe the small red fox has the right idea and I have to make adjustments in order to avoid parts of this adventure that are, for me, grueling and without the fun factor. Or maybe this is just a rationalization and I simply don't want to walk roads!

Whatever the reason, thanks to my faithful friends Chris and Lisa, I'm on my way to Agua Dulce and the famous Hiker Heaven. I guess I'm just gonna have to call this adventure a Mega Hike and be done with the worry of doing it right.


  1. I think having fun is really important, and that you should put that right up there among your highest goals. Good for you for staying flexible and looking at the bigger picture! We are cheering for you, and loving your posts! xoxox

  2. It's ok to make "having fun" high on your priority list. You're still hiking the PCT in my book. It's still an extraordinary journey.

  3. Your trek absolutely has to be fun. An incredible challenge, physically and mentally for sure, but without the fun's no bueno! So, you're doing the right thing - examining, adjusting, and moving on. You go girl! Hi to Mother Goose!

  4. Well, Shelly, I'm in complete agreement with Mother Goose on this one. "I'm walking to Canada!" If that doesn't qualify as a Mega Hike, I don't know what does! We're all very proud of you and are loving cheering you on as you make your way northward. It was great seeing you and Mother Goose yesterday! Love you lots.