Friday, May 18, 2012

May 17th Near the base of Baden-Powell

Greetings from back on the trail. MG and I left Wrightwood at 5pm, taken to the trailhead by none other than Angel Stacey, who drove all the way over from Idyllwild to schlepp us around today. It was fun to see her and once again I grateful for her assistance. Quite the cheerful gal that Stacey.

The goal in walking five miles tonight is to be ready to tackle Mt. Baden-Powell tomorrow at first light, when it is cool and we aren't awake enough to know any better. I don't know, the climb is something like 4,000 feet in just about four miles. Fifty-two switchbacks I'm told. Yikes.

So far so good on the feet thing. I've got them propped up in my tent tonight and I think this is going to make a difference. At least I hope so! More will be reveled in time.

The wind is howling tonight. I hope my tent stays put!

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  1. How nice they put up a sign informing you of the distance to each border!