Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15th One month on the trail

I knew this would happen but I wasn't sure when it would occur. Today I hit the wall, hiker variety. One month on the trail, feet numb to the touch, tired and sore at the end of the day. I'm dirty, tired, cranky and I can't imagine doing this for four more months.

What to do? Hitch into Wrightwood and start my break a day early. Apparently six days is too long for me to be out there, cranking out the miles and struggling with the heat. I am no longer a So Cal gal and wilt after too many days in intense sun. I think I have my quotient of vitamin D, thank you.

So here I am at Angela's folks cabin with electricity, water, shower and a washing machine. If this doesn't cure me then nothing will. I hope this does the trick.

Do not go towards the light!


  1. Hey Tiger....sounds like you did the right thing taking refuge in the cabin. You know that this journey seems unimaginable to most of us. Hopefully some nights in the cabin will recharge your battery. And if it still seems too much after you've been off the trail a few days, nobody is going to judge you. You're supposed to be having fun! So have fun! We still love you!

  2. I agree with Pink! There are no rules here, just problem solving one step at a time. Walking through that heat is not my idea of fun. Take a well-deserved break and freshen up. See you soon - somewhere!

  3. Hey, Shelly. Hope you're back to having fun. A little not-fun is character building. More not-fun, is, well, NOT. You've done a remarkable thing, and nothing, nobody can change that. And tomorrow is another day: maybe a restful one, maybe a cooler one. But certainly the first day of the rest of your life. And a very good one it is!! This is Cristie, who has no idea how to become someone other than anonymous.

    1. Christie. You make a great anonymous! In fact, the best ever.

  4. Shelly- Don't give up, at least not till you're thru the sierra...wrightwood is very near the end of the desert and the cool mountains beckon! try sleeping on an incline with your feet elevated and minimize your salt intake to deal with the numb toes- also try walking more gently, mailing some gear home. umbrellas are great for the sun and rain and wind, highly recommended. wasa pct 08