Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13th Shepard's food magic

At 5:45 am I was on the trail, racing the
rising sun and heat. I got through Deep
Creek Canyon without melting and walked up to the junction of Hwy 173. Low and behold, set up under a
Juniper tree was a trail angel named Shepard who had a food setup with hot dogs, potato salad, chips, drinks etc. The surprise and enjoyment I felt was enormous. In fact I am still here, four hours later. It could have to do with the temps being in the high 90's or just the company but either way, I ain't hiking again till its cooler. I had hoped to make more miles, nine more in fact, but I don't know that it will happen. Thanks Shepard!

Mile 322, more or less

I swear it must have reached 100 degrees today. I hung out at Shepard's spot till as late as I could and still get some miles in. At four I forced myself to don my pack and I went out into the late afternoon sun. It was still pretty hot at first but once I made about four miles and it neared 6pm, the whole thing began to feel tolerable. I watered up at the last creek and off I went, attempting to get all the way to Silverwood Lake. I finally had to stop when I began to lose light so I tucked into a small alcove cut into the dense brush. I think I got within 1 mile of my planned stop for the night and made 16 miles. It sure makes a difference, taking six hours off in the middle of the day.


  1. What a pleasant and drink in the shade. i had no idea people took it upon themselves to take care of the hikers. Sweet.

  2. I know. Today when climbing up to Silverwood lake there was an ice chest alongside the trail with a note on it saying the contents were for pct hikers. Inside was fresh fruit an cold water. Cool huh?

  3. What a lovely thing to unexpectedly find food and comfort waiting for you. Sounds like you did pretty good miles even with a six hour break! Not bad.