Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14 Mile 335.5

I just had a lovely dip, rinse off in Silverwood Lake. Four days of desert hiking had me and my clothes salt encrusted and grungy. Since the lake was empty of boaters I took a side trail down to Chamise Boat-in-Site and had myself a nice break in the water. It's only 9:18 right now but the heat is on and the water refreshing. Pretty soon I have to saddle back up and get to walking but I sure feel better for the dip. I recommend it!

This evening I am camped in Little Horsethief Canyon. A beautiful bowl with cottonwoods and willows supported by the seasonal creek running, well trickling through the center of the valley. It seems so removed from civilization yet just over the ridge and only six miles away is I-15, with trains a-tooting and rumbling along through Cajon Pass. Strange.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for thru hikers. When we get to Cajon Pass there is a McDonalds right off the trail and it is a tradition to go there and pig out. Who am I to break tradition? I will be there by 10am.

15 miles today and Wrightwood is only 28 miles away. Rest is in sight.

Pictures of the flowers encountered over the past two days. Yummy.


  1. Nice pictures of the flowers. Enjoy McD's tomorrow.

  2. Mother Nature is opening her arms to you!

  3. So pretty out there! Enjoy your pig-out, you've sure earned it, and it's not likely to stay on your hips for very long! xox

  4. It was delightful. Large coffee, large orange juice and two sausage biscuits. The last two on the dollar menu!