Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 9 - Old Station, CA

Early morning take offs are the very best. I was on the trail by 5:45am, cool and energetic. The dawn and sunrise were stunning with the light...just so. See what you think. 
By the time I walked to the high spot along the rim, the communication towers, the light had reached the bright intensity that can only be found at that time of day. Gotta get up early to see this stuff!
And of course, the clouds help with the drama. 

After that early eye candy the day became one of making miles and trying to keep from turning an ankle on the rocky pathway. I swear 75%, or more, of this section of trail looks like this. 
It's hard underfoot and hard not to go over with the uneven terrain. It takes great concentration to stay upright. Lucky me I must have strong ankles, or I'm being cautious enough, that I managed not to hurt myself. Phew. But I was very tired by the time we walked into town. I had called my friend who lives here to see if she would join us for dinner and we met her at JJ's Cafe at 5pm. Good food, good beer and company was a fitting end to a difficult section, successfully managed. 

My friend invited all of us to stay at her place, which was wonderful. I hung my hammock between some posts that hold up a treehouse. 
The perfect ending to a long day. 

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