Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 15 - Chester again

It's very strange to stay in one spot in an unfamiliar place. Chester is a long town with newer buildings in the upper part of town and much older, and more interesting to me, spots "over the river."  But generally speaking, as far as I can tell, it's just a strip of land with businesses and streets of houses paralleling the business area. Of course, as I was walking everywhere I didn't explore widely. It would be fun to return in a vehicle. However even in the areas I explored there were 3 thrift stores. Fabulous!

I was on the lookout for a hat. Not just any hat of course but one with interest and style. I walked up and down the strip looking in the usual spots and found technical floppy hats worth $25 that were boring, high topped billed caps in camo for $20 that looked goofy, but definitely not "the hat." 

I decided thrift stores were my best bet so off I went to the local Hospice store.
The best I could do was a brand new billed cap from Penn State. Hearts and faux diamonds aren't necessarily my style but it was only $2 so I went for it. 
Still, I wasn't sure. A dark hat is less helpful in the sun.  So off I went to the other end of town to
Where I found a different hat, for $1. This one is more interesting so I went with hat #2. 
Once I got that settled I went off to the grocery store to pick up the last little things needed for the next 3.5 trail days. I contacted the gal (Piper's Mom) who takes folks to the trailhead and she will pick me up at 8:15 tomorrow morning. So I'm mostly ready to head back out there. 

Last dinner at The Lockeroom.  
Anyone need a hat? It sports fake diamonds!

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