Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 10 - Still in Old Station

I awoke late this morning, by trail time measurement that is. The roosters started early but I managed to ignore them and stay in the sack until 7am. Bliss. After that it was coffee, french toast and bacon. When a guest in someone's house it is generally best to let them take the lead but my friend is easily distracted so we kinda had to jump in to help or we might not have eaten breakfast till dinneršŸ˜¬ 
Any way she drove us to the town of Burney to pick up some last minute items. The only thing necessary for me was excedrin which was soon purchased. After that excursion I resumed the task at hand for a layover day, which is to relax. 

In the afternoon, in a fit of enthusiasm, the three of us decided to slack-pack the 4 miles between where we left the trail yesterday and where we are staying. So we were dropped off and walked, sans packs, back to our home spot. 
It's easier to look around when not carrying a house on your back. 
Cut from two trees, standing side by side. 

We helped get a summer pavilion up then sat around till dinner. 
Thanks Georgi!

Off to bed. This time in a cute trailer. 

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