Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 5 - Peavine Creek

15 miles today. Fifteen difficult, long, hard miles. Why I cannot say since it wasn't particularly hot and the bugs weren't bad. But by mile 10 I was hurting and ready to be done already! I was, as my friends in the UK would say, totally knackered. I love that word. 

Actually I've been working on not getting blisters but I think I am losing the battle. I don't really understand why since I've used this sock/shoe combo for years with great success. I'll just double tape everything tomorrow and hope for the best. 

I met a bunch of nobo's today. There was Icebox, a young woman who just jumped onto the trail in Truckee. A young guy who was in a spring snow storm near Forester Pass, running out of food, along with another group who was also out of food and they ran into Ned Tibbets, who runs Mountain Education out of Tahoe. Ned was out there with a group of trainees. Ned, who is a search and rescue guy, apparently called in the sheriff who airdropped food to the whole group. Here's my question. What the hell were these hikers doing out there so early?

Anyway I met Professor, Turtle, Half Fast and Mr Illusive over the course of the day, as well as Freight Train, the guy with a big plastic tote strapped to the top of his pack. I asked him what it was for and he said his medicines and the solar panel attached on top. All together an interesting day of meeting people. It takes all kinds - and you'll find all kinds out here for sure. 

I've been worried that my external battery wouldn't last for six days so I've been going easy on it and leaving my phone turned off most of the time. Because if this I only took a few pictures today, plus I was feeling slow and lethargic which makes it harder to summon up the energy to make images. But tonight I'll give a 100% charge and use it willy nilly all day long tomorrow. 

I did do one self portrait pano today
And one of the early morning light.
Tomorrow I finish up section O. After picking up my food box from the camp store at Burney Falls State Park, I'll go into the town of Burney to take a motel break. Shower, laundry (my clothes stink so bad) eat a salad! Fun!

I've had great fun teaming up with Nohawk (Paul) and Fire Woman (Trish) over these last three days. We generally hike separately but have been sharing campsites and laughter. It's nice to have good company. We may team up to hike the next section which is a scary one as there is a 24 miles no water section and it is often brutality hot up there on the Hat Creek Rim. I've been dreading it ever since I first heard about it. But, it seems to be cooling down somewhat and when I get to town I'll be able to get the weather/temp forecast. Remember that nightmare I had about dying of thirst? 

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