Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 11 - Cluster Lake Trail Junction

Well, I'm back in the saddle again. We didn't get out of Old Station till noon because the PO doesn't open till 11am. But it felt good to be hiking again, at least for the first couple of hours. Until the sun and steep climbing took affect. The good news is that we rolled into a pretty spot with a babbling brook right near my hang site, not long after 6pm. So we did 10.3 miles in about 5 hours. A pretty good pace for me. 

It's very green here at 6,200 feet...I suspect the snow hasn't been gone for long. 
Amazingly I haven't seen any mosquitos which would be amazing if it turns out to be true. 

We are now in Lassen National Park and that big blooming mountain I've been looking at for at least a week is as near as can be. This image was taken today around 1pm. We've gotten even closer now. Tomorrow we'll get into the heart of the place. 
People often say they want to see images of me but I'm not much into selfies. However tonight after getting into bed it was still light enough to mess around with the camera. So here goes. 
Me thinks it's gonna be a cold one tonight. 

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