Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 8 - White Pass bound.

Yesterday was a nero. Which means, in the language of distance hikers, a day in town where you have only walked a few miles along the trail. I walked 5 in the morning then went to town and stayed the night. Today will be a zero because even though I'll go back to the trail I probably won't walk any forward miles on the trail. So, zero = no miles walked in the direction of travel, nero means only a few miles walked. Every culture has it's own lingo...

I'm soon to be out of Trout Lake The Town and at the trailhead. A local man named Doug picks up and delivers hikers to the trails and he'll pick us up at the store at 5 pm. Chinese Rock will walk till dark but I think I'm just going to stay put til zero-dark-thirty tomorrow morning. It's too hot to walk in this heat. I hope it's cooler up at altitude. 
This is example of the planning I sometimes do in a section where water sources and campsites might not be as frequent. It's only a projection though since I don't know what things look like on the ground. What I do know though is this next section includes the Goat Rocks Wilderness, one of the most scenic areas of the whole trail. There's a lot of up and down involved and lots exposure to the sun...fewer trees. And maybe fewer mosquitos! One can hope. I'll try to do the area justice with my little phone camera but I fear it won't be a good representation. However you'll get the idea. 

As usual, no guarentees of posts due to possible lack of reception but I'll be back in reception land by the 5th. 

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  1. Lovin' your posts! Zero or Nero I'm with you all the way! Walk on TOPO!