Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 4 - Un-named spring - mile 2202

So when they say rain forest they mean everything is moist and green and lush because it's damp. Right? Whether it's from rain or fog or rivers/creeks, the whole place is humidity city.

Well, that goes for people and gear too!  I rinsed out a couple of items yesterday afternoon and this morning they were just as wet as when I put them out to dry. Wild. Just so you know, this not a complaint, I'm just noticing and experiencing it on a personal, rather than in an abstract way. It's always good to get down and dirty with these things. 

I made it to my lunch spot before noon today, 9.5 miles so far. That's with 1,000 feet of elevation gain in the last 3 miles. Tough but the trail is in great shape... well graded and mostly in the shade. Thank goodness for that since it's supposed to be 90 degrees today. Phew! The only downside to my lunch event today was the Mosquitos. The little buggers are out and about today which made eating lunch a challenge. 
Thirteen miles put me in the middle of a dense forest and what with the heat and humidity I decided to make my way over to the next watering hole/spring. This was a 16.85 mile push and I was glad I took it easy yesterday. It's gonna be comical to see me getting out of the tent in the morning. Crawling is more like it. 

I met more thru hikers today, two coming from Canada. They left July 2nd and managed some dangerous snow conditions. Sounded scary to me! I also met section hikers, a couple from Colorado who also are trying to get to Canada. They are camped at this same place tonight. I also met a gent named White Hatter, a section hiker who is almost done with the trail. He said something interesting, "At 65 I'm just happy to be able to be out here."  Humph. I'm not that far behind him. 
Mt. Adams I believe. 

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