Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 7 - Trout Lake - The Town

It's 100 billion degrees in the sun here in Trout Lake, WA. Well, close to that anyway. It wasn't that hot this morning at 5:30 am when I tiptoed past the Boy Scouts and back onto the trail. My pack was light though and I had breakfast on my mind so the 5 miles to the road to town seemed pretty easy. 

Lo and behold when I came down the hill and saw the road to town, I also saw a vehicle, apparently offloading some northbound PCT hikers. What luck! There I was, 13 miles from town and no wheels of my own, but a kind soul named Dan was there with his pooch and a truck, offering me a ride to Trout Lake. 
Dan is a river guide, when he isn't ferrying PCT hikers about and we had rivers in common to talk about.  Scary rapids like Crystal on the Grand Canyon. Gives me the willies to think of it. Anyhoo he dropped me off at the store...
...where I asked about renting a room for the night. Nope, all full. Called the motel, nope all full. Called the B&B and they had a room for me. A nice big room with breakfast in the morning, showers and laundry service. And the town swimming hole off the back yard. Oh, and a bathing suit to borrow. Sweet. 

So off I went with my pack and resupply box picked up from the store about a block and a half over to...
...where I moved into my spacious room with a bath down the hall. A real B&B that way. 

Right now I'm sitting on the porch at the store drinking a beer and watching the people come and go. And thumb typing here. Slowly. I'll hang here till tomorrow afternoon when I'll head back to the trail to spend the night before heading back into the wilds for 5 more days. Goat Rocks Wilderness is in my future!

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