Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 5 - Junction Lake aka Mosquito Hell

There was a beautiful spring two miles into this mornings hike. Fresh, clear and cold. This is the kind of source I feel confident drinking without treating...
The day was relatively easy, especially in comparison to yesterday. My legs weren't sore, which was a big surprise considering how uncomfortable I was when I went to bed. I thought for sure I'd be hobbled but not so. Yea! I guess I'm getting my hiking legs back. 

I hiked 14 miles today and will have another 14 or so to do the next day. Why so many? Wellll, it seems I may have miscalculate a tad bit on my snack foods and I've had to cut back on my intake during the day. I still have all the needed meals through tomorrow and half of the next day I just don't have the in between stuff. I mean, a two ounce packet of tuna is good and all but ya kinda need something else to go with it. So I need to get out by mid-day the next day before I run totally out. 

So that's one reason. A second one became clear to me when I went to cook dinner tonight. Hey, where's my spoon? I had it at lunch...hummm. Nope, no spoon. And I don't carry a spare (this will change) so how the heck can I cook, and more importantly eat dinner?
Tent stake doing double duty, though not at the same time. But, but, how do I eat it? Well, I thought of scooping it up with a credit card but I didn't know if that would somehow hurt the card. Eureka! I have hands! In many cultures people eat all their food with their fingers so I figure I was honoring those cultures. As well as eating. 
Works pretty good with Mac and cheese. Cereal? Geeze, I don't know. Stay tuned. 

In reference to the title of this missive? My luck has run out. There has been a mosquito bloom, so I've spent most of the day today trying to avoid being someone else's lunch and I don't imagine it will be getting much better anytime soon. Oh well, it's still way better than sitting in traffic somewhere. 

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