Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 3 - Trout Creek

Another day of morning climbing and afternoon downhill. I started climbing in dense forest on a creek and as soon as I crossed the creek and rounded a hill there was silence. Not the usual silence that we think of but the kind that makes one stop and take notice. The birds were silent, probably still sleeping, no matter what the saying tells us. No insects buzzing or critters scurrying amongst the underbrush. The trees and moss and rotting life probably absorb what small critter activities were going on. It's pretty amazing to be witness to the absence of sound. I love it! 

Another glorious day in the woods. My legs are feeling the unaccustomed activity but even with that I managed to get to a campsite on Trout Creek before 2 pm. Ten miles done but the daily goal is for 13 miles. Of course that is what is witten on paper and if I went the extra miles I'd be camped between two roads, one of them paved and busy. What to do? What to do? I say put up the tent in this glorious spot and take a nap!

After a little lay down I gathered my maps, elevation profiles and food resources and after much head scratching and counting on fingers and toes, I decided I could stay here tonight and still get to my resupply on time. Yea! It will mean some dry campsites but I'm used to that. 

It seems odd to me that there are so few backpackers out on the trail. The first night one passed by about dusk. Yesterday I saw no one but two couples who also came into camp at dusk and today I saw one thru hiker going north and one gal heading south. Not much traffic up here in Washington. Surprising since it's a weekend and urban areas aren't that far off. Oh well, good thing I like my own company.
Bridge over sleepy waters
I see some fishin holes out there...
Dinner - Tom Ka Gai. 

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