Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trail names

For those of you who don't know about this phenomena, hikers often take, or are given, names which are different than their daily wear and tear names. Sometimes they are based on screw ups folks have made, sometimes they're based on personality type or style. Some folks decide for themselves and others wait for one to be bestowed upon them. I wanted my name to come to me naturally, over time.

Way back in San Diego at the trail angels house, I was showing some folks my pack, with the uh, interesting hip belt pouches. They laughed with me and some possible trail names were bantered about. Pouches and Upside Down were the top choices at that time. Since I have been traveling alone a lot, I haven't had the opportunity to gather another name so I have decided to go with Upside Down as my trail name. I like it, it makes me cheerful and makes light of a mistake I made, rather than getting all worked up about it.

What do you think?


  1. I like Upside Down. It's good to make light of our mistakes.....

  2. Just keep your Right Side Up and it's all Good!

  3. I like Upside…
    You are my Upside, my only Upside. You make me happy when skyes are gray…
    xo – rosie

  4. Upside Down, Inside Out. "What is up with this Pouch?" I shout. It's custom made and one of a kind, in 2600 miles not one you will find. So Upside Down will be my name, and also is my claim to fame!

  5. Impressive no matter which way is up...