Sunday, April 22, 2012

Southern California heat

Well, it finally started up and today has been an umbrella day from 8am on. I'm currently eight miles into my day and hunkered down in the only bit of shade here in Chariot Canyon. From my spot I've been watching line after line of four wheel drive vehicles slowly make their way down canyon, pass me and continue on. It looks like we have ourselves a convoy! Too bad they didn't stop and offer me something refreshing from their ice chests. I would have liked that.

It's just 1pm now and while I only have four miles to go, those miles are in the full sun, and climbing miles. I think I'll eat my dinner meal here and rest until the sun loses some of it's bite. My next water source is a fire water tank, four miles on. Sure hope there's water in it as I'll arrive with less than a liter.

I met a guy (named Special Delivery) this afternoon who shared my shade for an hour or so. He lives locally and his opinion is that it was in the 90's today. Whatever he says. It sure felt that way to me. Anyway, it was a tough last four miles but I made it and have even taken some time to try and get some of the salt off my person. Feels pretty good to be here. Not the least because my friend Stacey is going to meet me at Scissors Crossing tomorrow afternoon and take me to Julian for an early, fresh food dinner. Yum, I see a salad in my future.

The hunkered down spot.

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  1. Hope you found more water! It was hot here too yesterday, in the 90s at my house. Enjoy the salad!