Thursday, April 26, 2012

Off to the Kick Off

I am leaving Idyllwild and my friends house early tomorrow morning for Lake Morena and ADZPCTKO, aka "the kick off". I have had an extraordinary break these last two days, with a gift of a two hour massage from Stacey and a party today for me with friends from all over the area coming over for a tostada bar. Yummm. I am rested and ready to head out back to hiker environs with trail hiking beginning again on Sunday.

Tomorrow I will be checking out a new pack and possible new tent to use until I get back to hammocking, whenever that be. I will have quite the opportunity as most of the truly lightweight gear vendors will be there. All the innovators from the last decade will be in attendance and I will be able to geek out in perfect harmony with my fellow gear geeks, also known as gram weenies.

I will be sad to send my pack home, but not sad enough to keep wearing it from here to Canada. Say bye bye.


  1. We had a great time today. Thanks for showing me all the neat stuff you made or bought for this trip. And for showing me how you keep track of where you are. For those of us that can't even comprehend a trip of this magnitude, I am in awe. Go get 'em, Tiger!

  2. I'm loving reading your blogs! It is like going along with you, but without the heat, the work, the climbing, etc. Keep these posts coming. They are delightful!