Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 8

Wow. What a day. Temps in the high 90's, no wind to speak of and full sun hiking. I double timed it the 8.5 miles to Scissors Crossing, mostly so I could get the bulk of my hiking done early in the day. I arrived at S1 right around 11:30, not ten minutes before my friend Stacey who rescuing me for fun with food in town. It was great fun eating in town and watching an old western skit put on by local actors. Stacey dropped me back off at the same spot nearing 4:30, just in time for me to tackle my last three miles of the day.

The San Felipe Hills - words that have struck fear and anxiety in me every since I first heard of them. Twenty-three hot, waterless, rocky miles. The word relentless comes to mind. I knew all along I would want to do the beginning portion as late in the day as possible so off I went, climbing from 2,276 feet to 3,046 feet in just a couple of miles. I don't know what I expected from my campsite but I am thrilled by my home for the night. Just off the trail there is sandy grotto under what was an old waterfall. The evening birds are calling out to one another, the rocks are warm at my back and all is right with the world.

Today's images are first of Stacey then of my cozy home for the night.

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  1. Cool campsite! What a pleasant surprise for you. See you at Warner Springs on Tuesday!