Monday, April 30, 2012

Mile 115

Noonish and sitting under a big 'ole oak tree, near to Aqua Caliente Creek. I am in the company of 7 other folks, recently of Warner Springs, none of whom I've met before. I am moving slow today, having just spent the last five days sitting on my keester. In addition I've got six days of food weighing me down. Well that won't last for long.

6:44pm Mile 120

Another hot day, probably in the low 90's. I'm camped at the junction of the PCT and Lost Valley Spring in the company of four guys, none of which I've known before today. They sure are yackers-and they say women talk a lot.

The Kick Off was fun but the downside of going backwards is that I am now in the company of many more people than before. I was already tired of being in the company of lots of people and was pleased I had a nice spot for the night. Well, I still have a nice spot, I'm just sharing it with many people. So much for privacy. On the other hand, I really should feel welcoming since there aren't many spots to sleep in these hills and there is plenty of space here. I can get over myself. However, knowing what I know now, I would probably have skipped the kickoff, not because it wasn't fun but because of the crowds. I didn't think of that before hand.

I am in my new tent tonight and happy for the space as this place is crawling with ants, red and otherwise. They may go to sleep when it gets dark but even if they don't I'm protected from their bites in my new home. Yahoo!

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  1. I love catching up on where you are and what you're doing. Seems like there's been lots of fun times so far. Hope it all just keeps up going so smoothly with all your cool new stuff .. .. .. When I grow up, maybe I'll be half as brave and adventuresome as you!!

    PS: Sorry I appear to be anonymous: I can't figure out how to be somebody else! It's Cristie and Scott