Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4/30/12 Mile 137.5 Tule Spring

Phew. A 17.5 mile day today. That made up for the smallish day yesterday and makes tomorrow doable at 14 miles. Looks like I will get into Idyllwild on Thursday after all. I guess I'd better start getting used to big mile days.

Tonight I am camped in proximity to some folks I camped near last night, though we are out of earshot. There is Mother Goose, Alphabet Soup and Kent, who I've been calling Clark Kent.
I don't know the why of their names, perhaps I'll find out tomorrow.

Today at mile 127 we were able to take a small detour off trail to a guys house who lets PCT hikers get water from his tank. I don't know if he has a well or needs to have water hauled but it sure is kind of him. The photo is of his tank with my new pack in the front. I stopped and cooked my dinner meal at noon so I wouldn't have to do it late, after walking all day. I must say I am beat. The heat is hard to walk in.

Today I finally saw my first rattlesnake of this trip. I was walking along, head down and dog tired. For some reason I looked up and about ten feet ahead I saw the most beautiful rusty red rattler, in fact I believe we saw each other at the same time. The snake whipped itself into a coil and gave me a grand warning. The reason for no photo is that I was backing up too fast and there's no telephoto on my iPhone.

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  1. I wondered if rattlesnakes would be an issue. Our neighbors (one on the corner and one across the street) have killed baby rattlesnakes in their front yard. Keep your eyes open, Tiger. Sounds like you're really moving right along. 17 1/2 miles in one day soinds like a lot. Have fun. Be safe.