Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2nd Near Cedar Springs. Mile 163

It's dark now and I am in the company
of Alphabet Soup and Mother Goose. They invited me to travel with them and I believe I will. Traveling alone during the day and camping in company at night. They are an unlikely duo, he in his early thirties I'd guess and she 64. They make great traveling companions though. Mother Goose is a legend, though you'd never know it by her own voice. She actually has, if you can believe it, 35,000 miles under her shoes. She started long distance hiking in 1988 and hasn't stopped yet. Her goal is 50,000 miles by 80. I think she can do it.

Today was a late start day, not getting on the trail by 11am. Still we managed 13 miles, most of it up hill. The bulk of the day was spent in my home territory. Big boulders, pines, manzanita, the smell of sun on rocks, wind in the tall trees. I learned to live outside in these mountains. I have a deep heart connection to this part of the world.

I met up with another snake friend today. This time I got a photo, though it isn't great. Maybe next time I'll get even closer, though still safe of course.
The other image is of the fog coming into the valley below our camping spot. I'm glad not to be in that cold soup. Burrrrr. This is one time when the old adage of "hike high, camp low" would be a bad idea.


  1. Good photo of the snake. I think you don't need to get any closer than that!