Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st. Table Top Mt. Mile 147

Happy May Day, Beltane and/or International Workers Day! I think I have everyone covered but if not, feel free to comment so I can celebrate that too.

My celebration is consisting of walking uphill all day then Trail Angel Stacey is picking me up at Hwy 74 to take me back to Idyllwild for dinner and a general cleaning up. Not that I need it, heh, heh, heh. Then back to the same spot tomorrow morning for the two days it will take me to walk back to the spot it only took a half hour to drive from. Why am I doing this? Uh oh. Too early to be asking myself that question.

At 11 today I walked up to a water cache called "The Hikers Oasis". Apparently some people, from LA no less, drive 100 miles (one way) to put water out for thirsty hikers. What a blessing that was, to know there was some water there that I didn't have to carry on my back. Very nice of them.

The weather has been cooperating today with high clouds cutting the heat factor by bunches. Plus a wind and the walking is pleasant. Now if only my feet didn't hurt. Humph.

PS some might wonder why my Spot beacon never seems to be anywhere but Idyllwild. Well, the party will be over soon and I'll be on my own without Stacey's kind assistance.

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  1. I hope you have other trail angels along the rest of the route that take such good care of you on this adventure. Or does Stacey plan on popping up in various places along the way?