Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 8 - picking up resupply

Today Stacey and I drove out to a yoga retreat center near Barrel Springs to pick up a supply box I had sent there, thinking I'd be walking rather than driving there. Best laid plans. Dirty Girl was sitting in the shade and Tidy Camper was getting a massage. We got caught up on all the doings of the last few days and I let them know I wouldn't be meeting them tomorrow in Warner Springs but was waiting till my foot fully healed. That seems to be the consensus of all the people around me and sometimes it's best to listen to others. Truth is the idea of putting on an enclosed shoe doesn't seem like a good idea. Having said all of that, my toe is improving and I am certain it will be ready to go by next week. If not, I'll cut a hole in the side of my shoe and leave anyway. A gal can only wait so long.
Stacey and Dirty Girl

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