Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 4 - Boulder field at mile 56

We somehow managed to get to our chosen spot for the day really early - at 3:30 no less. And this with a long lunch at Pioneer Mail picinic area. A pretty fast 14 miles today. Not too shabby. Though the last three miles were in full sun. Fortunately sol isn't at full strength yet, but it's getting there. I'm doing my best to keep off the worst of the rays. And if I may say so, doing it with a certain kind of flair. 
We are staying at one of the best spots along the southern half of the PCT. Well it's my favorite anyway. Why do I like it? Boulders, and lots of them. Plus the views are stunning and you can see for miles it's so clear. Must be the near constant wind we've been experiencing that keeps it so clear. 
Rumor has it there is another storm front coming in on Wednesday. This will put us at Scissors Crossing and/or part way into the San Felipe Hills: rugged, hot and waterless. Last time I came through I experienced both, super heat and cold, swirling fog laden winds, all in the space of a few hours. One never knows about the San Felipe Hills. Plus there aren't many sheltered places to camp. If I was a stronger hiker I'd love to get through in one day but at this point I'm not capable of walking 23 miles. Or rather I should say, I'm not ready to attempt hiking 23 miles. 

Tomorrow, Rodriguez Spur watering spot, or thereabouts. 


  1. Hey Shelly. I just checked the National Weather Service. No storms in the forecast for Borrego Springs area which I think is somewhere around Scissors. No storms in the forecast up here either. Just a cooling off of temps Wed. through the end of the week. No worries. Any talk of dinner in Julian around Scissors time?

  2. Love seeing you hiking through those massive boulders. Glad to hear everything is good! Cristie