Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 3 - Laguna Mountain Lodge

It was chilly pups when I awoke this morning. In fact Diane got a picture of me sitting in my bag, all cozy and warm, pouting because I had to get out of its toastiness. But get out I did and I was on the trail by 7 am, walking uphill and soon to be warm enough to take off most of my warm clothes. 

The hiking was stunning as the sun had just come over the hills to the east and was low slanting, making for nice light and shadows. There was a breeze, which could be cold in the shade but I found it refreshing on the long up hills. Basically the entire day was uphill, with a couple of downhills for good measure, only to be gained again on the next hill. We met interesting people today and seemed to have caught up with some of the folks who started the day before us. 

We finally got some heat this afternoon and while it wasn't quite hot enough for the umbrella, I expect tomorrow will be toasty enough to do the unfurling. We have another 15 miles to do tomorrow and we are coming into super windy territory. We will see how it goes. 

Spending the night at Laguna Mountain Lodge and planning for the next sections food stuffs. I didn't have lunches included in my resupply so I had to buy in the store... ouch! Pricy that. Oh well, my bad. 

Had dinner tonight at the Pine House and we sat with five other women who are hiking the PCT. There are a lot of us out here this year... Probably having to do with the book Wild. Or maybe not. Anyway it is fun to be sitting around with a large group of women who are doing the same thing.
Over and out. 

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