Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 5 - Have I mentioned my big toe?

Probably not. To provide background here I'll mention the fact that two+ weeks ago I did something stupid to my foot. To make a boring story shorter, and hopefully less boring, I banged my toe and instead of cutting the flap of skin away, I just gave it a pull in what I thought was the right direction.  Not good. I washed it and threw a bandaid on and it wasn't till the next day that I looked at it again. It was sore for sure but strangely there was a little flap of something sticking out of the side of my toe, next to my nail. I didn't think much of it as most everything heals in time any way. Days went by and I'd clean it and bandage it but it never changed, for better or worse. Finally I left home, spending a couple of days in So. Cal. with family but still, no change. It still hadn't healed. 

This was worrisome as I knew how dirty it is when backpacking, how little water there is and how many miles I was going to have to put on my feet. I'd been able to keep it clean while in town but...out on the trail? This is a horse of a different color. 

Off I went with some trepidation and a good dose of denial, hoping for the best. The first couple of days I would wear a bandaid to help with the filth but this put pressure on the little flappy thing and made me walk funny. So yesterday I walked sans bandaid and while it didn't hurt as bad it was filthy at the end of the day. Plus just walking with the sore toe pushing against the shoe was enough to cause me to change my gait. Finally this morning it was so sore I had to admit I needed to get it looked at by a doc so I'm sitting at the Sunrise Trailhead waiting for my friend Stacey to bail me out. Once again. 

Diane (Tidy Camper) and Caroline (Burley Girl) were sweet and encouraged me get it looked at. Since I've hiked this section of the trail already it isn't as hard to walk away from the trail. Hopefully this can get fixed quickly and I'll be back out in a couple of days. 

I guess I hadn't mentioned my big toe. Now you know.  Wanna see it? 


  1. Yeow! Good you are taking care of this now rather that it taking care of you later. Got you in to see the doc in the morning. As soon as you are ready I'll sling shot you back on the trail.

  2. Sorry about your toe, Shelly. Ouch! Looks painful. Glad you are getting it looked at. Hope it heals quickly. love, julie o.