Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18th Yakima, Wa.

Well, I certainly earned my volunteer stripes today. The day began at 9am at White Pass where 10 volunteers showed up, ready to wield saws, polanskies and other sharp tools. Our trusty guide from the PCTA was there to show us the ropes and how not to injure each other with our shiny tools.

I ended up working with two other women on sawing logs so others could make tread. We eventually cut ten cedar logs, some of them 20 or so inches across and 4 feet long. Unfortunate the downed logs we were cutting on were down slope from the trail so we had to haul them up so they could be set. To say I'm tired would be an understatement. It was fun and informative to see just how trail tread is built.

I was pretty dang dirty at the end of the day so I thought I'd drive to Yakima and get a room with a shower to get the grime off. For some reason the nicer spots were all filled up so I started up with tier two. Actually I stopped at one place I would judge to be tier, five maybe? Eewwww!

Anyhow I found a spot for the night which is, um, interesting. Let's just say I don't want to take off my shoes off. I've stripped the bed and will use my sleeping bag for the night. It's fine I'm sure but just in case... ;-) Tomorrow I get to see my friends Terry and Jane at their new house. I'm pretty sure I won't have to concern myself with wearing shoes.

Work party images!


  1. Shelleeee!!! not too sure about that motel. Ick!
    Wow, you are wonder woman on the trail. I missssss youuuuu.