Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17th Tieton River

I started this day with a trip to Trader Joes in Bellingham so I could stock up on camping foods for the next couple of days. From there I drove with all speed to this spot, about 45 minutes from White Pass where I will drive first thing tomorrow morning. This will be my first trail maintenance event for/with the PCTA. Apparently it's a day suitable for all skill levels and ability as we will only walk 2-3 miles out, do some work and walk back out tomorrow afternoon. The only thing that I feel concerned about is the heat but hopefully it will be cooler at altitude. It's about 90 degrees where I'm camped, at 6pm. Yikes. I'll pack at least 3 if not 4 liters for my adventure tomorrow.

BTW, I recommend Bellingham as a wonderful spot to visit. It is a beautiful city with lots of trails for both foot travel and bikes, many more pubs/brew houses than I could possibly sample in a couple of weeks and of course L and her Portuguese Water Dog Winslow. What a character he is. L too.

Today's images are of a fire west of Ellensburg, rafters in the Yakima River, some crazy basalt formations right across the highway and the waterfall I can see from my hammock.

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