Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14th Webb Co. Park

Twenty bucks doesn't get much in the way of campground ambience these days. My truck is fifteen feet from the truck next door and the site is full (did I say full?) of sand burrs. However it is situated across the street from a lovely beach which will have a killer sunset tonight. And there are showers. And especially nice is that they had an empty spot, whereas the State Parks had none.

Today consisted of driving west then north on highway 101 along the Oregon coast. For the first half of the day I stopped at nearly every thrift store I came across until I got to Newport where I SCORED at a salvation army store. What could be so good? Well I found a rare book on enameling by the guru of metal smithing, Oppi Untracht. It appears to have been published around 1957 and it's in pretty good shape. $1.75. Yup, I'm lucky. When I called Angela to see if she already had it I thought she was
gonna jump out through the phone she was so ecstatic. Fun.

The second half of the day was taken up by trying to ferret out a spot for the evening which I finally found at 4-ish. So, it's all good. I'll have to sleep in my truck tonight as there are no suitable trees for hammocking and there are too many stickers to risk using my air mattress on the ground. No matter, I like my truck and I have a comfy set-up. I will, however, have to donn long pants for the first time in months as the wind off the ocean is chilly!

I'm in the beginning stages of re-evaluating what my new goals will be in place of thru hiking. I'm not 100% sure but at this moment I believe I'm not cut from a thru hikers cloth. I'm good for a month, maybe two but five months away from hearth and home doesn't appear to be a future goal of mine. We'll see if I still feel the same way come winter but that is my best guess right now.

What this means is that I won't be doing mega training hikes, organizing vast quantities of food and resupplies while fretting all the time about my ability to do it. Now I know. So, hey! I'll have much more time for other activities. What those activities will be are not yet clear to me but I'm in the sitting and staring phase. Deep in thought and hopeful to find a new direction for this next phase of life. Stay tuned.

Today's images are of the book and my sterling campsite, plus a small still life.


  1. Ahh, the wonders that lay before you along unknown paths. Happy ruminating dear friend and happy (thrift store) hunting… the Oppi Untracht book is a score! I was just thinking last night that I should give my copy of Oppi Untract's Jewelry: Concepts And Technology (the jeweler's bible) to Angela for the studio. I must have felt the resonance of your excitement to make me think of that. Love you - R

  2. Sounds like you're having more fun and less stressing. I like that! It really is ok that this journey has morphed into something else. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Life is too short. Have fun. Be safe. Love you!