Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16th A shade tree

I'm sitting in the shade of a whole posse of gigantic old trees on the edge of Elizabeth Park while L takes care of some business. I'm using this time to make a Mind Map of just what I want to do with my future. How I want to spend my time if you will. I've done this before but each time I do it something new comes up.

In particular I've been wondering just what kind of volunteer work I want to get myself involved with and so far I've come up with six possibilities. In no particular order there would be Red
Cross Disaster Relief, Native Animal Rescue, Habitat for Humanity Re-store, Senior Center Fix-it Crew, PCTA trail maintenance and finally, Volunteers in Parks with the National Park Service. Some of these would require being away from home for short or longer periods of time and others are right in Santa Cruz and can be done on occasion. It's just good to know I have some direction for when I return home.

Another part of this diagram is physical activity and so I'm planning to sign up for Aikido class again as this is a great, all around exercise and the people in the Dojo are wonderfully kind people. Of course there is hiking which I will continue to do in some form and I hope to begin running again, if my parts will handle it. So this should, as my Mom would say, keep me off the streets.

If this isn't enough I've thought of learning some new skills. Possibly take an acting class, ceramics (which I did many decades ago but never got good at) and (pie in the sky) clown school.

None of this is set in stone mind you, I'm just imagining out loud. Who knows what will really happen?

The images are of a polish rooster L is working on, an 8 by 3 foot lion she has completed and the palette where she mixes paints.


  1. Shelly, the map is a great idea... I want to do that.
    The lion reminds me of Oscar.... kitties large and small.
    Scary clowns?

  2. I wouldn't be a scary clown... I don't think.

  3. You inspire me. Loving your Ideas. Toby