Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th Almost time

I'll be hitting the road tomorrow, giving myself two days to get to Bellingham, Washington. These past few days I've spent time gathering up camping tools (kitchen stuff mostly) I'll need for the next three weeks or so till I meander around back home in September. Some of them important and necessary, others (like my sun tea jar for 75 cents) are only for fun. It's the hunt that matters!

I also just confirmed that I will be joining a one day work party at Whites Pass next Saturday with the PCTA. I've been interested in learning to do trail maintenance and this one day event came up at just the right time. Fun!

So, all in all my visit here in Eugene has been a wonderful re-connection with old (as in long time) friends. I'm rested and ready to get back out on the road, hoping to continue on with my funtime travels.

However, I must say I have a HUGE crush on Monty the greyhound and will really miss that old boy-dog. If he didn't hate to ride in the car I might try to sneak off with him.

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